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Dirt first, or should it wait? No.

I enjoy to dirt first. Sue me. Don’t. What a debate, what a Paul Ryanstern. I have now made my decision and am a true and proud supporter of Mitt Romney, Paul Cryin, and the republican party. This is due to the heaping goblin freak pin worn on the chesticle of Paul Cryin during the debate. If one chose to analyze the difference in size between Cryin and Biden’s pins, it would become obvious that Cryin is the true American hero who is the better patriot. I now see that Obama and his tan buddy are not fit to be the leaders of this country. What a day in history, Mitt Romney the next king. All hail King Romney. 


BBQ Blues

Buddy Guy, Sweet Tea. The Best

Transportation for Mass Creation

“Sex is better…on the road”- Dr. Phil Haussen

In 2010 Mercedes and Jetta performed a study to determine which type of vehicle best suited the needs of a wild life style. They found their answer, a sex bus.

Group sex has peaked in popularity and now people are looking for new ways to take orgies to the next level. Amphibious vehicles are being engineered to hold heavy loads, mainly living, human loads, for the purpose of sex. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity, the Secretary of Commerce, Alex DalBroichest, considers this to be a threat and dangerous to our country’s principals.

The people of the United States of America should be granted the right to express their love in whatever setting he or she sees fit.

“Jetta and Mercedes… Working together while your at home.”- Hollywood actor, Hugo WeavingImage

Dirtberg in Lake Washington


Dirtberg in Lake Washington

Ever heard of a dirtberg? Neither had I until I read View From the Canoe this week.A dirtberg (photo at left) is just what it sounds like, a floating island of dirt, Like an iceberg, the visible part of a dirtberg is a small fraction of the total mass, creating a navigation hazard and a really interesting thing to look at. Quoting View From the Canoe:

Every once in a while, a big piece of bogstuff breaks off and drifts around in the lake. It’s marked with a bright buoy, which is a good idea because the above water area is about 20 x 15 feet and just like an iceberg, most of the dirtberg is below water.

You should stop by View From the Canoe. This fine blog describes one man’s wanderings in a canoe in Seattle’s waterways, and what he finds. As canoeist Scott Schuldt describes it:

I paddle a 16 foot royalex Old Town Penobscot. It is a jack-of-all-trades canoe, small enough for one, big enough for two, light enough to portage, tough enough to drop, moderately fast, and moderately stable. Compared to a sea kayak, it makes a very good garbage truck. I shoot with a Canon S-80 camera that is kept in a waterproof plastic case when not in use. All photos in this blog are taken from inside the canoe on the day of the new posting. I post only after canoeing. I have no idea where this is all going.

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Earth-Bribe: The Dirt Birth

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