I Would’ve Marched…But…



Great article by Elisha Krauss on Daily Wire about the women’s marches. Nice to hear a woman’s perspective on this from the right. I always support freedom of speech and expression, but that doesn’t come with protection from criticism. If you’re going to put yourself that far out on a limb don’t expect to get off scott-free. 

“You would think the messaging and planners of the march would have wanted to reach out to women everywhere no matter their political affiliation. But instead, there were no clear goals and no clear message. In fact, most of the pictures of the march featured more vulgarity, divisive and false rhetoric than any signs at a Tea Party rally.”

Just take a look:

Just when you forgot about Michael Moore again.

“When you misrepresent the real feelings/experiences/fears of your fellow Americans who voted for Trump you’re helping feed the mistrust of you and your beliefs, and frankly, helping him get re-elected.”



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