DNC Chair Candidates Can’t Stop Bashing White People: ‘Shut Other White People Down’

Ben Shapiro, as usual, has nothing short of a grab bag of examples to reach into when exposing the lunacy of the politically correct underclass that runs both parties in this country.



From the Article:

“If this is how Democrats hope to reach those white working class voters they lost in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, they’ve got to be out of their minds. But they don’t care about those voters. They believe that demographics will simply shift voters in their direction as white voters represent a shrinking percentage of the voting base.”

Here’s Shapiro on the Rubin Report, describing the new landscape and just why Trump won. Hint: calling half the country racist bigots isn’t the best way to uphold a moral social fabric, or win an election. Let’s not forget the Democratic party lost its grip on congressional seats all across the United States, not just at the highest office.



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